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Typical brand new apartment building in Chisinau, Moldova

Grupo Mecca is divided into five strategic business units (SBUs), these include: real estate development, transformation of agricultural raw materials, educational ecosystem, business growth, and project management-advice.

Our corporate focus includes primary goals of family home ownership, high-quality educational facilities for your children, fostering community business initiatives, and the development of industrial centers to support job creation and workforce growth. Grupo Mecca will incorporate renewable energy, world-class standards in energy efficiency, sustainable construction practices and carbon footprint reduction in each investment.


Completed feasibility plans


Development projects


Strategic Alliances


Real Estate

Positively impact the built environment to stabilize families


Raw material transformation


Grupo Mecca conducts extensive research and detailed analysis


Educational infrastructure and quality education


Business strengthening of strategies and connections


About us

Within the next 10 years, Grupo Mecca’s goal is to positively impact people’s living conditions, employment prospects, and educational opportunities for underserved communities throughout Colombia, the Caribbean, and the African Diaspora through strategic investments.

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